Rockies Express Pipeline (REX)

Click to see larger, detailed image Rockies Express Pipeline, LLC (REX) owns one of the largest pipelines ever constructed in the United States. REX became fully operational in November 2009. The 1,698-mile pipeline stretches from northwestern Colorado to eastern Ohio and boasts 1.8 billion cubic feet per day of long haul design capacity.

REX is a joint venture of Tallgrass Development (through a subsidiary, Tallgrass Development owns a 50 percent interest in and operates the pipeline), Sempra US Gas & Power and Phillips 66. Long-term, binding, firm commitments have been secured for virtually all of the pipeline's capacity. The pipeline is enabling producers to deliver gas from the Rocky Mountains eastward and is helping to ensure that there will be adequate supplies of natural gas to demand in the Midwest and eastern parts of the country. Additionally, REX is exploring opportunities to bring Appalachian production into the system, and provide end-user markets a diverse supply choice. REX calls this its “Shale to Shining Shale” concept – supply optionality for Midwest demand markets.

For more Rockies Express Pipeline operational and shipper information, please visit our Tallgrass Pipeline Interactive Website.

Services Provided:
     • Firm Transportation Services
     • Interruptible Transportation Services
     • Park and Loan Services
     • Pooling and Wheeling Services
     • Booster Compression Services


For business development:
     • Doug Walker (303) 763-3418 or
     • Matt Sheehy (913) 928-6028

For services and pricing: Crystal Heter (303) 763-3309

For pipeline scheduling:
     • Mike Thomas (303) 763-3214 or
     • Scheduling Hotline: (303) 763-2906

For operations: Mick Rafter (303) 763-3689

For right-of-way: Dick Sears (303) 763-3302

For credit worthiness: Nate Lien (913) 928-6042

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